Thursday, June 2, 2011

Prayer Guide for Chicago Mission Team

Our First Baptist Huntsville students are on their summer mission trip to Chicago and we need your prayers as we live Christ out loud in Monticello and Chicago, Illinois. We are going as representatives of Christ and of you, our home church. Thank you for your continued support and prayer as we go to live out loud in the third largest city in our country.

Saturday, June 4
Travel to Monticello, Illinois & stay in Host Homes
Students of the Day: Kendal Aldridge, Amanda Anderson, Brandon Andrews, Ashley Belk, Griffin Blake, Logan Blake, Erin Blythe, Robert Boothe, & Brooke Bowlin

Sunday, June 5
Calvary Baptist Church—Morning Worship & Evening Concert
Tour Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum
Students of the Day: Charles Boyd, Leah Anne Boyd, Kevin Broadway, Madison Shieble-Broadway, Ethan Canup, Jennifer Cox, Juliana, Darby, Jacob Dean, & Patrick Dickson

Monday, June 6
Travel to Chicago, Illinois
Serving and Singing at Catholic Charities
Students of the Day: Anna Grace Eldridge, Caleb Eldridge, Garrett Ellison, Brian Faulkner, Allie Foshee, Ben Fowler, Sarah Fowler, Emily Frady, & Rebecca Frady

Tuesday, June 7
Serving and Singing at the Pacific Garden Mission
Serving at the Greater Chicago Food Depository
Students of the Day: Matthew Gean, Mary Beth Gordon, Michael Hoffman, Mike Holloway, Sarah Jarnigan, Haley Jarnigan, Sarah Leffel, Alexandra Martin, & Allison Mattox

Wednesday, June 8
Singing at the Shriner’s Hospital for Children
Singing at the Illinois Youth Correctional Center
Students of the Day: Matthew McDavid, Britney McEwen, Connor McKay, Mitch McKenzie, Juliana Mucci, Rebekah Phelps, Kyle Reasons, Riley Anne Sharpe, & Sarah Sizemore

Thursday, June 9
Concert in Six Flags Great America
Students of the Day: Ryan Stallcup, Britney Talent-Smith, Adam Thompson, Andrew Toomey, Ben Vaughn, Jesse Westerhouse, Erin Whetzel, Will Whetzel, & Olivia Willoughby

Friday, June 10
Serving with the Chicago Lights Ministry and the Urban Farm
Beginning the trip back to Huntsville
Student & Adults of the Day: Alex Wilson, Christy Eldridge, Kelli Ellison, LeAnne Fowler, Suzanne Hefner, Hope Mackey, Amy McKenzie, Dana Mucci, & Anne Reasons

Saturday, June 11
Travelling back home to Huntsville
Adults of the Day: Al Boyd, Bobby Broadway, Jamie Mackey, John MacTaggart, Wayne Westerhouse, & Jeremy Wilkerson

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